Scope Of Application

Main Application Industry Scope

The products produced by EPP and EPS have the characteristics of cushioning and shock resistance, heat preservation and cold preservation, lightness, good toughness and high plasticity, so they can be applied to a wide range, such as fishing boxes, vegetable boxes, electronic packaging materials, pallets, surfboards, Civil materials, children's toys, automobile related, helmets, safety seats...etc.


Helmet, Safety Seats, Car Bumpers, Car Trunks

life Transport

Household appliances or machinery packaging, Glass and fragile packaging

Agriculture, Fishing

Fishing box, vegetable box, planting seedling pot

Electronic Technology

Wafer packaging, Panel packaging

Leisure and Entertainment

Surfboards, Floating Boards, Swimming Rings, Insoles, Yoga Mats, Toy Planes,
Building Blocks, Combination Chairs, Doll Fillers

Insulation Products

Cake Boxes, Freezers, Incubators, Vaccine Boxes

Civil Engineering

Styrofoam Filling For Sound Insulation Walls, Thermal Insulation Ceilings,
Decorative Line Panels And Hollow Floor Slabs

Installation Art

Large-Scale Three-Dimensional Sculpture, Large-Scale Props, Landscaping Design,
Venue Layout, Exhibition Decoration